Training Centre: JCJ Consulting (thru AMC Search)

  • Location: Australian Capital Territory
  • Course Duration: 10 Days
  • Course Fees: $7050

Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) Operator (V-103/1) meets the requirements of IALA VTS Operator V-103/1.
VTS Operator training comprises eight modules (Language, Traffic Management, Equipment, Nautical Knowledge, Communication Coordination, VHF Radio, Personal Attributes and Emergency Situations). Each module deals with specific subjects that IALA has identified in V-103/1 as representing requirements or functions of a VTS Operator. 

The training focuses on competence, using simulated exercises and assessments which have been designed to be representative of events and incidents likely to be experienced in a VTS Centre.
Note: in order to meet the IALA specified learning outcomes, within the nominated course duration the course will have a significant Recognition of Prior Learning process.
Current VTS Operators who meet the prerequisites below.
To be eligible for enrolment in VTS Operator Training candidates must provide evidence of meeting one option from each element.
Element 1 - Vessel Traffic Services Experience or Local Port Services Experience

  • Option 1: AMCS Local Port Services Technical Elements (Online Course); or
  • Option 2: Working at a VTS Centre for a continuous period of no less than 12 months, including experience in emergency exercises during the past 12 months.
Element 2 - Maritime Qualifications
  • Option 1: STCW Certificate of Competency Regulation 11/3; or Australian NSCV Master <24m near coastal (NC); or equivalent; or
  • Option 2: AMCS V-103/1: Module 4 Chartwork and Nautical Knowledge; and hold either a SROCP or LROCP
Element 3 - English
  • Option 1: Letter from a VTS Authority attesting to English as their first language; or
  • Option 2: IELTS test results of level 5 or equivalent
International Candidates: Please provide evidence of maritime qualifications and work history for consideration.

The following certificate will be issued by AMC to participants who successfully complete* the course:
  • IALA approved V-103/1 Vessel Traffic Services Operator
*100% attendance, full participation and completion of all exercises is required.
Approved as meeting the requirements IALA VTS Operator V-103/1.

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